Christmas Gifts For Librarians

Great Christmas Gifts For Librarians They Are Sure To Enjoy!

In need of Christmas gifts for Librarians? If so, you are at the right place! Here is where you will find our top picks for holiday presents that are guaranteed to please. Whether it’s something fun, unique or affordable, we have found some great ideas, so have a look below!

Our Top Picks …

"Retro Librarian" t-shirt by RockinStore

“Retro Librarian” t-shirt by RockinStore. This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts for a School Librarian. The design has a vintage feel to it, with plenty of lively colors.

"Librarians Like To 793.2" notebook journal by Passion Imagination

“Librarians Like To 793.2” notebook journal by Passion Imagination. This super affordable present is a wonderful way for that special Librarian in your life to keep a diary of important events or jot down notes. If you don’t know what 792.2 means, ask a Librarian! Very funny!

"Public Library Scented Candle" by Cool Material

“Public Library Scented Candle” by Cool Material. Librarians love candles, especially one that mimics the scent of a public library. The aroma is said to bring us into the world of well-worn novels and biographies. Very interesting!

"Literary Themed Cuff Bracelet" by FLORIANA.

“Literary Themed Cuff Bracelet” by FLORIANA. You can never go wrong with giving jewelry as a present, especially when it is as cute as this. It’s designed with bright & colorful enamel that features rows & stacks of books. Isn’t it lovely?

"Bookshelf Bar Necklace" by FLORIANA

“Bookshelf Bar Necklace” by FLORIANA. If you like the bracelet above, then this necklace makes the perfect match. It’s a stylish piece of jewelry that any Librarian would love to add to their accessories collection.

"Wooden Book Jewelry Box" by Etno Motif

“Wooden Book Jewelry Box” by Etno Motif. Here is a delightful present that is guaranteed to be a big hit. It looks just like a book but in reality, it’s a secret storage box. Opening it is like solving a puzzle. Perfect for keeping jewelry, candy or any type of small items.

"Blue Agate Bookends" by JIC Gem

“Blue Agate Bookends” by JIC Gem. Items related to home decor are always popular as holiday gifts. Here is one that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. This fantastic looking set will have that special Librarian in your life ditching those old, boring bookends for these!

"Librarian Nutrition Facts Tote Bag" by ThisWear

“Librarian Nutrition Facts Tote Bag” by ThisWear. Funny & unique, this great looking tote will quickly become the go to bag for the Librarian in your life. The design mimics a nutrition label that is filled with hilarious facts about the profession.

"Off The Bookshelf" coloring book for adults by Samarra Khaja

“Off The Bookshelf” coloring book for adults by Samarra Khaja. Coloring is a fun way to relax after a hard day of work at the library. Give this to your favorite Librarian and allow him or her to explore their creative side.

"The Librarian Party: Make America Read Again" beverage mug by BigTee88

“The Librarian Party: Make America Read Again” beverage mug by BigTee88. It’s the ultimate political statement a Librarian can make. A fun gift to give that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Not only that, it’s perfect for enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea too!

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